EED 2014  - Tribolium Satellite Meeting

July 15

Final talk schedule, venue information and abstracts
Please download the final schedule of the Tribolium meeting. If you are giving a talk, please remember to leave 5 min for discussion!

Additional links:
map of the conference center and other infos, and PDFs with the Tribolium meeting oral abstracts and poster abstracts.

Finally, in case you wish to mingle with the lancelet world, here you find the Amphioxus Satellite Meeting program!

June 30

Preliminary talk schedule
Please find here the preliminary program. In case oral abstracts were omitted due to communication or registration problems, please contact Martin.

We still have some room in the schedule, so we might be able to include a few additional talks (e.g. Tribolium talks not accepted for the EED conference):  for any  suggestions concerning the schedule, contact Martin; a final program including other infos will be provided shortly before the meeting.

Some of you somehow failed to register for the Tribolium meeting - this is o.k. as long you pay the fee of € 40 at the meeting (in cash, receipts will be provided). We are thankful to the EED organizers and should not take advantage of the EED society!

April 30

Abstract Submission Deadline
Please register here for the EED conference and the Tribolium meeting.

Feb. 6

This year's International Tribolium Meeting will take place in Vienna (Austria) on July 21 and 22, 2014. The meeting again will be held as a satellite meeting of the EED 2014 Conference (European Society for Evolutionary Developmental Biology Conference) which takes place July 22 (evening) to July 25. The Tribolium meeting will probably start on Monday afternoon and last up to the EED mixer on Tuesday. There will be talks and a poster session.

You will be able to register for the Tribolium meeting at the EED registration website – cost is 40,- Euro. Also abstracts should be submitted through the EED website. More information concerning the Tribolium meeting will be given on the website once we have received your abstracts (end of April).

Mailing list: this info has reached you because you are either on the "tribolium-community" or the EED mailing list. All further announcements regarding the Tribolium meeting will be distributed via the tribolium-community list. Please go to in order to subscribe. If you received an e-mail saying "You are subscribed to the Tribolium community mailing list" then you don't need to do anything.

Please forward this mail to others who might be interested in joining the meeting or this mailing list! Participants from other (related) fields are welcome. If you have any questions about the meeting, please contact Martin.
Martin Klingler
Gregor Bucher